Tax Abatements

In honor of tax time, here are some great programs residents may be eligible to take advantage of: Mayor Walsh asked the Water and Sewer Commission to freeze rates for the water portion of your water and sewer bill: The underused Circuit Breaker Income Tax Break: Administered through the Elderly Commission is a Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-Off Program. This program helps qualified Senior homeowners save up to $1,000 on their property tax bill if they volunteer up to 112 hours at municipal offices, local schools, or community centers from July 1 – November 23. The applications will be available in April. To qualify:

*You must be 60+
*Gross Income cannot be more than 30K if you are single or be more than 45K if you are married
*You must be a property owner for 3 years
Please call Gregory Josselyn for more information 617-635-4250

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