“I’m Walking Here!”

Remember this famous scene from Midnight Cowboy when Dustin Hoffman crosses the street, narrowly missing being hit by a car, and pounds his fist on the hood?

Clip from Midnight Cowboy

On behalf of the Elderly Commission and the City of Boston’s Vision Zero Initiative, we would like to share some tips about being safe on the city’s streets:

At least four people have been killed or seriously injured so far in 2016 while crossing city streets. The City of Boston is committed to doing something about this and is in the process of making many infrastructure improvements. It is the responsibility of people driving to move slowly through the streets and pay attention to your surroundings at all time. Slow down when approaching cross walks even if you don’t see anyone in them. People walking may want to wear light or reflective clothing at night or in the early morning. Please realize cars and trucks cannot always stop quickly so make sure you can be seen.

We are developing a outreach strategy including public service announcements with safety tips for drivers, walkers and bicyclists. We take the safety and well being of Boston residents seriously and need everyone’s help to accomplish the goal of a Boston without these tragic crashes.



One thought on ““I’m Walking Here!”

  1. One of the most dangerous intersection is Albany St and Mass Ave. there are several danger issues: 1) On three out of four of these corners they are constantly occupied with homeless and/or drug transactions on them. This makes it extremely difficult for the elderly and disabled to cross safely. 2) The right signal light to go from Mass Ave. to Albany street turns green and pedestrians also get the walk light at the same time. 3) you have the panhandlers at the intersections of Mass Ave and Melnea. These are just a few detail, if addressed could make a big difference in public safety and public health.


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